At St Francis of Assisi, we create a school environment that recognises the unique learning path that each child takes, while providing stimulating and rewarding learning experiences for all our students. We are committed to providing a school where children are engaged in learning and care about themselves, others and our world.

We believe that children learn best when they feel good about themselves, valuing who they are and what they can do. To this end we will endeavour to help your child develop their gifts.

We will strive to assist you in the education of your children, helping them to grow spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally.

Our vision for St Francis of Assisi Primary is for our students to belong to a peaceful, Catholic community, which celebrates its cultural diversity, is accepting of each child’s individuality and strives to follow Franciscan traditions of responsibility, gentleness, respect, compassion and generosity of spirit.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Jenny Bellenger

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School Glendenning principal Jenny Bellenger
Our vision and mission

St Francis of Assisi is focused on providing students with quality learning experiences built on a foundation of Catholic traditions and values.

Our difference

Our learning community has so much to offer your child! Discover all the benefits of a St Francis of Assisi education.

Our dedicated teachers

Our dedicated teaching staff are committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

The learning journey

With a strong focus on learning how to learn, our school puts the growth of each individual child at the heart of schooling. St Francis of Assisi is a place of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities.

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