The St Francis of Assisi school newsletter is a regular newsletter designed to keep you and your family up-to-date with all that is happening at school.

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  Newsletter Week 10 Term 2

The Principal's message, Staff Development Days, Dates Coming Up, Building Photos, Soccer Gala Day, Enrolling Now for 2023


  Week 8 Term 2 2022

Principals Message, Staff Development Day, Religious Education, Half Yearly Reports, Athletics Carnival, School Fee Reminder, Enrolling now for 2023, Diversity is the norm, Tell them from me survey,

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 4

A message from the Principal, NAPLAN, School Supervision, Dates Coming Up, Tell Them From Me Survey, Roblox App, Enrolments, School Fees, Esafety, Labelling of items, Condolences, Compass, From the REC, Year 6 Camp

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

A message from the principal, 2022 Opening School Mass, Why is my child's teacher out of class, Parking around the school, School fees, from the School Counsellor, Parent Information Session Year 5, Complaints and Grievances, Scholastic, Attendance, Sports Days, Enrolling now for 2023

  Newsletter Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to 2022, REC News, Parent Questionnaire, Compass Parent Portal, SchoolFees, Communication - point of contact, MAI, RAT, Attendance, School Uniform, Sport Days, Kindergarten 2022, Labelling of items, Allergy Information, Birthday treats, Parking, Dismissal, Why is my child's teacher out of class, Congratulations, Uniform & Grooming, Healthy Lunchbox, Every learner every day

  Newsletter Week 8 Term 4 2021

Principal's message, Staff Development Days, School Fees, Virtual Christmas Concert, Classes for 2022, Changing Schools in 2022, Year 6 Graduation, Library Books Reminder, Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 3

A message from the Principal, Technology, World Teachers Day, Sports Uniform, Canteen, COVID-19 reminders

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 2 2021

Message from the Principal, Year 6 Graduation, Staff Development Day, Parent Tips, Protocols for when students return, COVID-19 reminders, Summer Uniform, Oz Fashions Uniforms, School Fee Information, Congratulations, COSHC,

  2021 Term 3 Week 10

Principal's message, Staff Development Day, Return to school Term 4, NAPLAN, Reading 20 minutes a day, COSHC, COVID Symptoms and testing, Summer uniform, Building Update, Oz Fashions Uniforms

  Newsletter Week 8 Term 3 2021

Principal's message, Fathers' Day Message, Congratulations, Staff Development Day, School Fees, Contact from Teachers Assistants, Covid-19 reminders, Attendance, Wellbeing Support

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 2021

A message from the Principal, Tips for learning from home, COVID-19 Update, Oz Fashions, School Fees, St Mary Mackillop

  Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 2021

A message from the Principal, School Fee Accounts, Attendance, Covid reminders

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

Principals Message, Parent Calendar, Dates Coming Up, RE New Draft Curriculum, Reflectioon, Technology, Attendance, Socks-a-thon, Mufti Day, Building Update, Confirmation, Overview

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 2021

Principal's Message, Dates Coming Up, Tell Them From Me survey, Complaints and Grievances, School Fees, Compass Parent Portal, Condolences, RE Draft Curriculum, Reading at home, Why is my child's teacher out of class, Parking around the school, Labelling items, Congratulations, School Photos, Socks-a-thon

  Newsletter Week 6 Term 2 2021

Principals Message, Tell Them From Me Survey, Dates Coming Up, Holy Communion, School Fees, Safety for all, Stage 3 girls soccer, School Banking, Book Club, Congratulations, School Photos, School of Rock

  Term 2 Week 4 2021

Principals Message, Staff Development Day, Mothers Day, Naplan, Dates Coming Up, School Banking, School Fees, Prayers of the world, Tell them from me, School Photos, Parking at the BP

  Newsletter Term 2 2021

Anzac Day, Dates Coming Up, Staff Development Day, School Banking, Mothers Day Celebrations, Winter Uniform, Book Club, Term 2 School Fees, Parent Teacher Interviews, Wellbeing Program, Wigs for Kids, Congratulations,

  2021 Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message, Compass Parent Portal, Staff Development Day, Winter Uniform, Dates Coming Up, Mothers' Day Celebrations, PBS4l Fortnightly Focus, P & F Committee

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 10 2021

Message from the Principal, P & F Meeting, Staff Development Day, Year 6 Camp, Dates Coming Up, Holy Week Prayer Services, Whole School Easter Mass, Mothers Day Celebrations, Winter Uniform, P & F Easter raffle, Compass Parent Portal

  Term 1 Week 8 2021

Principals Message, REC Message, PBS4L, Anaphylaxis, Kindergarten 2022, COVID 19 reminder, School Fees, Holy Communion, Winter Uniform, NAPLAN, Cross Country, Athletics Carnival, Attendance, Easter Mufti Day

  Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Message from the Principal, Kindergarten 2022, CSW Open Day, PBS4L, Congratulations, Attendance, School Fee Statements, Building Information, Parking around the school, Easter Mufti, Catholic Schools Week 2021,

  2021 Term 1 Week 4

Ash Wednesday, Staff Development Day, Catholic Schools Week Open Day, A message from the REC, Blacktown Zone Swimming Carnival, School Fees, Shrove Tuesday

  Week 2 Term 1 2021

Message from the Principal, Update from our Religious Education Coordinator, Staff Development Day, Skoolbag App, Parent Questionnaire, Building Update, Attendance, Uniform, Sports Days, Labelling of items, Allergy Information, Parking around the school, Uniform and Grooming Policy

  Newsletter Week 9 Term 2020

Year end dates, 2021 start dates, requirements 2021

  2020 Term 4 Week 8

Message from the Principal, Important dates and events, new school year reminders, end of year reports, Oz Fashions last orders, Staffing for 2021, Christmas treats, Exec Directors Summer reading challenge, Building news, Good Shepherd Sacramental program, Medication plans

  2020 Term 4 Week 6

Principal's message, Important Dates and Events, Oz Fashion last orders, Class Groups, School Crossing Supervisor, Congratualtions, Jersey Day, Christmas Treats, School Fees, End of year reports, Christmas Virtual Assembly, Year 6 Graduation, Executive Directors Reading Challenge, COSHC Vacation Care

  Newsletter Week 4 Term 4

Principals Message, Term 4 dates, Kinder 2021 transition, Change of Schools, End of Year reports, Important Dates for 2021, Christmas Concert, Year 6 Graduation, Attendance, Virtual Book Fair, Complaints and Grievances, Book Week Celebrations, Basketball, Jersey Day

  Term 4 Week 2 2020

Principal's message, School Photos, Term 4 End Dates, Dates Coming Up, Kindergarten 2021, Changing school for 2021, Class Groups for 2021, The Well, Tips for home reading, Tech Tips, Virtual Book Fair, Covid 19, School Fees, Year 6 Camp

  Term 4 Week 1

Principal's Message, Year 6 Camp, School Photos, Attendance, Lost Property, Book Fair, Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

  2020 Term 3 Week 10

Principals Message, The Rosary, Term 4 dates, Dates Coming Up, Summer Uniform, Support for parents, Building Update, Keeping Our Children Safe Online, Year 3 to 6 Japanese Day, School Photos, Good Shepherd Parish Confirmation

  2020 Term 3 Week 8

Principals Message, Update on Covid 19, Congratulations, Amaze-a-thon, Good Shepherd Parish - Confirmation 2020

  Term 3 Week 6 2020

Principals Message, Years 5 & 6 band, Fathers Day Gifts, Incursions, COVID 19 update advice, Parents & School Grounds, Grievances & Complaint Handling, Year 1 student writing, Enrolling now 2021, St Clares Enrolling now

  2020 Term 3 Week 4

Message from the Principal, 2021 Enrolments, Tell Them From Me Survey, Protecting Everyone, First Holy Communion, Cybersafety

  2020 Term 3 Week 2

Principals message, School Interviews, Dates Coming Up, Grandparents Day, Staff Development Day, Author Visitor K-2, Smart watches, COVID 19, School Census Day, School Procedures, Tell them fro me survey, Child Protection, eSafety Webinars,