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Families love St Francis of Assisi Primary School because we have so much to offer

  • A dynamic learning community founded on Gospel Values
  • A challenging environment where all are committed to excellence and growth
  • Positive and trusting relationships with students, families and the wider community


  • Active student engagement utilising learning technology
  • Catholic Out of School Hours Care
  • A wide variety of extracurricular activities



St Francis of Assisi Primary School Principal

A welcome message from St Francis of Assisi Principal Jenny Bellenger.



St Francis of Assisi Primary School Story

St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning opened in 1991 and has been established on its current site since 1993. Discover who we are.



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What We Offer


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Contemporary Learning

St Francis of Assisi has a contemporary approach to learning based on leading educational research. We apply this through the use of flexible learning spaces and teacher expertise, to achieve the best outcomes for every child. Our school library is well-resourced and allows students to develop and pursue a passion for reading. Students have access to a range of reading material and are encouraged to make use of the library for Reading Club and at lunch times. Students are expected to read at home each night, and parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s reading.

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Living Our Faith

St Francis of Assisi is a Catholic primary school in the parish of Good Shepherd, Plumpton. Catholic values underpin all areas of our curriculum and school life. We provide a positive environment to support our students to grow in their own self-belief. And we give them the confidence to cope with whatever life might challenge them with.

We instil in our students a sense of social justice and outreach. And we do this through participating in social justice activities, charitable works, and by giving back to their communities. We develop in our students a keen love of God, self, others, and their world.


Personalised Program

We recognise that each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways, and at different rates. In some cases, children have specific learning needs and disabilities that require additional support.

We offer a focused literacy support program through Focus160 and a literacy intervention program through Reading Recovery. We also facilitate Extended Mathematical Understanding as our numeracy support program. Each student is challenged and supported to be successful in their learning. Parents are involved in supporting their children and are kept informed regularly of their progress in learning.

Modern Learning Spaces

Each of our classrooms, from Kindergarten to Year 4, have three learning areas connecting to a central space. These grades have wet areas, integrated technology (interactive whiteboards and wireless access) as well as outdoor learning areas. The Year 5 and 6 classrooms are individually setup with integrated technology and devices.

Our school also has many wonderful facilities, such as a basketball court, expansive grass areas and canteen. Our school environment is filled with many plants and shelter areas, which makes coming to school every day enjoyable.

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Before and After School Care

Catholic Out of School Hours Care (COSHC) at St Francis is one of many services available at selected schools in the Diocese of Parramatta offering before and after school care during school terms.

Various activities are available for the children at our centres ranging from craft, games, puzzles, cooking, dramatic play, construction and outdoor play.

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St Francis of Assisi Primary has a number of policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. Learn how we operate.

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The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with accurate information about various aspects of school performance and development.

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