Science-a-thon for our Mad Scientists!

Our Science-a-thon was held today and students had the opportunity to predict, experiment and evaluate a range of science experiments.

Everyone got involved it was great to see so many mad scientists around the school. Run by Fizzics Education, students had the opportunity to bet hands on. with gigantic bubbles, flying toilet paper, hair-raising electricity experiments, levitating beach balls, volunteers on a nail chair, a giant gyroscope, fire balls, coloured shadows, a flame equaliser and much more!

Students were immersed in the real scientific process! Students were introduced to a variety of core scientific principles:

- forming a hypothesis
- identifying variables
- fair testing
- experimental design and reporting
- critical thinking and problem solving

Fizzics Education comprises a talented group of science education professionals dedicated to delivering high quality science workshops and shows in any situation, reaching >300,000 kids per year since 2004.

Thank you to the parent helpers who helped in the classrooms on the day and to Fizzics Education for such a fun educational experience.